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The Day of the Dead

In Habla’s Day of the Dead program you will study Spanish by learning about the cultural traditions, artwork, essays, and literature that examine Mexico’s spiritual and playful relationship with death. You will see how the motif of the “calavera” (skull) is an important theme that runs through the visual art of Mexico, including in the work of muralist Diego Rivera, the engraver José Guadalupe Posada, and photographer Graciela Iturbide. We will examine and discuss the works of these and many more Mexican artists, authors, and musicians. This program will often move beyond the spaces of Habla into the city of Mérida where we will visit the Museum of Popular Art, other cultural centers, or view and discuss the murals in the Centro.

This program coincides with the Day of the Dead in Merida, Mexico, so we will see how the Day of the Dead is celebrated in Mayan culture. Together we’ll visit the altars that the people of Merida create outside their homes and in the main plazas. At night we will go see a Day of the Dead parade and watch traditional dance performances in neighborhoods around the city.


Habla also offers Spanish Immersion courses throughout the year.

For program dates, please download the schedule here

Dates of local events for Day of the Dead change every year. Please be sure to check with us before you book your trip.

Tuesday: Art Workshop – Building Altars for the Day of the Dead, Part I
The first arts workshop will focus on the Mexican art of creating papel picados. We will look at the history of this art form in Mexico and you will have the chance to design your own piece that will
become part of a Day of the Dead altar.

Thursday: Art Workshop – Building Altars for the Day of the Dead, Part II

A teaching artist will help you to design and build your own altar for the Day of the Dead. You will learn about the traditional structure of the altar and we will build our own altars around Habla.

Weekend: El Corredor de Las Animas (The Corridor of Souls)
We will begin celebrating El Día de Los Muertos, or Hanal Pixan (as referred to by the Mayans) at El Corredor de Las Animas. For this event, Merida residents all along Calle 66 build altars in front of their homes. At night, a parade starts at the cemetery and moves towards a town square where there are traditional dance and musical performances. We don’t have a definite schedule yet for the event. Plan to stay over the weekend to enjoy the festivities.

In addition to El Corredor de Las Animas we will also explore Día de Los Muertos altars that are set up every year in the main square, the Plaza Grande.

Please note that the dates and times for these events vary depending on the schedule for the city.

You can read more about previous year’s El Corredor de Las Animas on the Yucatan Living website here.

Specific days and hours of programs are subject to change depending on the schedule of events in the city.

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