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Flavors of Mexico

In Habla’s Spanish Immersion program Flavors of Mexico, you will study Spanish by exploring the delicious flavors, smells, and textures that characterize Mexico and its cuisine.

In this course we will explore the following questions: What are the secrets of Mexican cuisine and what are its primary ingredients? What smells and flavors distinguish it from other cuisines? How do these flavors and ingredients reflect the meeting and mixing of different cultures? How has the cuisine changed and evolved throughout the centuries? What are the characteristics of cuisines in different parts of the country and from different cultures within Mexico?

In this program you will discover the gastronomic and culinary traditions of Mexico by tasting and learning to make traditional foods, reading literary texts and poetry, listening to music, watching films and documentaries, and participating in workshops—all with a focus on developing your ability to express yourself in new and more complex ways in Spanish.

Each day during lunch you will have the opportunity to try different traditional dishes prepared by local Yucatecan families whose recipes have been passed down through generations.

In our cooking classes you will learn to create popular Yucatecan dishes. You will immerse yourself in age-old traditions as you create the artisanal beverages that are characteristic of Mexico. You will also explore the mysterious history of cacao and its intimate connection with Mayan culture.

This course is a complete linguistic, cultural, and gastronomic immersion appropriate for Spanish language learners at any level: basic, intermediate, and advanced.

For program dates, please download the schedule here


Tuesday: Afternoon of Mexican Cinema
Habla will rent a movie theater close to the school to show a film or documentary related to the theme of the week. A discussion about the film and its context will follow. 

Thursday: Cooking Class
Visit a local Yucatecan household and learn from an expert chef how to prepare a few traditional Mexican dishes. You will have the opportunity to try them along with a selection of wines from Latin America. 

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