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Mexican Independence and Revolution

In the program Mexican Independence and Revolution, you will learn Spanish while discovering two of the most important defining moments in Mexican history.  

Improve your Spanish in this course while exploring various texts, songs, photos, and other documents that illuminate how the Mexican revolution and independence transformed Mexican culture, contributed to the development of the national identity, and helped form the social and political imagination of modern Mexico.

In this course, you will get to know the most important figures from these periods, the role of women at different points in history, and the ideas and symbols that marked these historic moments.

This course will be a complete linguistic, cultural, and historic immersion in this transformative period in Mexico, appropriate for all levels of Spanish: basic, intermediate, and advanced.

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Tuesday: Photography of the Mexican Revolution 
Learn about this important moment in Mexican history by exploring the works of the great photographers of the period. 

Thursday: The Murals of Mexico 
Discover Mexican muralism as a form of artistic expression that developed out of the Mexican Revolution.   

Explore the Mexican “corridos,” a popular form of music that tells stories, about historic events. Learn about this tradition, and write your own corrido.

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