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The Rhythm of Mexico

Habla’s Spanish program, “The Rhythm of Mexico” offers an overview of the most important musical genres from the pre-hispanic period until today. We will look at genres including danzón, el corrido, la salsa, el son jarocho, el bolero, and norteño music, among others.

Explore the different musical styles that have brought together communities throughout Mexico’s history. We’ll examine how music is an amalgam of cultures—colonial, indigenous, and borrowed—that have contributed to the creation of new melodies and rhythms unique to Mexico today. We will move beyond Mexico to also see how music has crossed the Latin diaspora from country to country, from island to island, and from continent to continent.

Songs contain images, language, historical context, memories, and the songwriter’s desire to communicate a story.  Through the lyrics of the song we will get to know the socio-cultural context of the music by analyzing specific grammatical structures, vocabulary, and colloquial expressions.
This course offers a complete linguistic and cultural immersion that is appropriate for all levels of Spanish language learners: beginning, intermediate, and advanced.

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Tuesday: Afternoon of Mexican Cinema
Habla will rent a movie theater close to the school for a private screening of a Latin American film related to the theme of the week. A discussion about the film and its context will follow.

Thursday: Mexican Song 
Write your own song about your own experience in Mexico using musical structures inherent in Mexican traditional music.

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