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The Virgin of Guadalupe in Mexican Culture

One of the most marvelous times to visit Mexico is when people make pilgrimages to the shrines dedicated to the Virigin de Guadalupe. The air is filled with fireworks, horns honking, and people dressed in colorful regalia. In this secular course, learn more about how the Virgin of Guadalupe is a cultural icon for Mexico, see how she has been represented in art and literature, and most importantly let us take you to visit shrines dedicated to her well off the beaten path.

In the Habla Spanish program, The Virgin of Guadalupe in Mexican Culture, students will familiarize themselves with one of the most important icons and beliefs that permeates Mexican society: The Virgin of Guadalupe.

In this course you will deepen your knowledge of the Spanish language and Mexican culture by engaging with captivating texts, works of visual art, and documentaries that illuminate the story of the Virgin of Guadalupe, her symbolism, related celebrations, and her ultimate meaning for the people of Mexico. You will also discover how this important figure has been converted into a symbol of Mexican identity and one of the principle icons of the national religious identity.

This course will comprise a complete linguistic and cultural immersion, appropriate for Spanish language learners at all levels: basic, intermediate, and advanced.

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Tuesday: The Virgin of Guadalupe in Mexican Art
Together with a local artist, discover some of the different etchings and works of art that reflect the iconography, symbolism, and importance of the Virgin of Guadalupe.

Thursday: Creative Language Workshop
Explore the theme of the week through various writing and conversation exercises.

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