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The Role of Women in Mexican Art and Culture

Habla’s Spanish program The Role of Women in Mexican Arts and Culture will introduce students to the lives and artistic work of women who rebelled against dominant Mexican society amidst an oppressive cultural climate.

This course will look at the social, political, and artistic accomplishments of these important figures in Mexican history through photography, literature, and the visual arts while also exploring the traditional and evolving role of women in Mexican society.

We invite you to join us for an exciting exploratory journey to meet these intrepid women who, by way of their rebellions and triumphs, changed the role and expectations of women in modern Mexico.


Habla also offers Spanish Immersion courses throughout the year.

For program dates, please download the schedule here

Tuesday: A Cultural Visit 
You will visit the gallery of an outstanding Mexican artist, become acquainted with their work and the themes they incorporate into their work, and participate in activities to practice your Spanish. 

Thursday: Creative Workshop
A guest Mexican teaching artist will lead a creative language workshop at Habla that involves learning and practicing a style of Mexican engravings.

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