Cooking and Maintenance


Reina was born and raised in Muna, Yucatan. When she was 25 she decided to move to Merida with her family and has lived here ever since. Her main focus is on the well-being of her children, that they have a good education and develop into good people. She also cares for a brother with the help of her little sister, whom she admires very much. In her spare time, Reina loves to knit for others and she is very proud of her craft. While she is focused on her family, she is also deeply engaged in her work at Habla. She is very responsible and attentive of the needs of others. She loves to greet the students when they arrive and observe their development as they learn the language. She enjoys watching students during the Sharing Moment at the end of the week. It pleases her to see the students happy and well-attended to. For Reina, it is very important to share a smile with everyone. She is responsible for keeping Habla clean, for preparing the daily meals that Spanish Immersion students enjoy, and making Habla a warm and gracious environment.