About Us

Habla is a Spanish Language school and cultural center in Merida, Mexico, committed to connecting people across languages and cultures. At the core of Habla is a group of dedicated educators eager to share their knowledge and passions with the ever-growing Habla community.

Our Team

Marimar Patrón Vázquez

Habla Co-Founder and Director

Kurt Wootton

Habla Co-Founder and Director

Ana María Flota

Administrative Coord.

Tommaso de Silvestri

Creative Director

Isadora Medina

Administrative Coord.

Alejo Medina

Programs Coord. & Professor

Yazmín Conejo

Programs Coord. and Professor

Aketzali Chacón

English Program Coord.

Lee Ceh

Social Media Coord. & Professor

Allison Russell

Community Events Coord.

Agatha Fukushima

Spanish Professor

Diane Grondin

English Professor

María Fernanda Bolívar

Spanish Professor

Regina Pacho Correa

English Professor

Lucero Mendizábal

Spanish Professor

Andrea Lorenzana

Spanish Professor

Briana Martin

English Professor

Valentina Orduña

English & Spanish Professor

Rodrigo del Río

Spanish Teacher

Karla Chalé Can

Cooking & Maintenance

José Olegario Cetz

Grounds & Maintenance

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