Alejo Medina

Spanish Teacher and Teaching Artist

Alejo was born in Montevideo, Uruguay but has lived in México since he was a child. He has lived in many different places, and considers himself a citizen of the world, however he identifies as Latin American. He loves diversity and strongly supports freedom of knowledge and expression. He loves plants and studied biology in the past. He also studied performing arts in México and Spain and now he dedicates his work to theater and teaching. His passion for arts and teaching motivated him to create Tapanco Centro Cultural, a cultural center he manages. Tapanco hosts a diverse array of social, cultural and artistic events in the community, with the objective of creating a space for reflection and transformation. His work in Habla as Spanish teacher and teaching artist allows him to join his profound passions: language, history, politics, art, and social activism. Through these passions he is able to experiment with many different learning processes and implement them in the classroom.