Privacy policy

IMPORTANT: The purpose of this privacy policy is to comply with the items set forth in articles 8, 15, 16, 33, and 36 of the Federal Law of Protection of Personal Data in Possession of Private Entities (the "Law"), and the corresponding articles 14, 23, 24, 26, 30, 40, 41, 68, 90, and 102 of the Regulation, taking into consideration the services rendered, in order to fulfill requests for access, rectification, cancelation, and opposition rights ("ARCO" rights) from the individual identifiable by the personal information (the "Owner").


HABLA: THE CENTER FOR LANGUAGE AND CULTURE, S.C.P., ("HABLA") is committed to protecting your personal information and is responsible for its use, management, and confidentiality. With respect to personal information, the Owner is informed of the following:

Purposes of Use of Collected Information


HABLA collects and uses your personal information for the following reasons:

  • To confirm your identity.
  • To keep records and registration of our various programs.
  • To find out your language skill level.
  • To provide meals at breakfast and lunch that are appropriate for your needs and dietary restrictions.
  • To inform a family member or friend in the case of an emergency.
  • To design relevant activities, workshops, and educational programs.
  • To issue bills and invoices for services rendered.
  • To comply with legal requirements and regulations applicable to fiscal and tax issues.
  • To verify that the information you provide is correct.


In addition, we can use your personal information to create surveys to evaluate our staff as well as inform you of new services or special offers. Although the stated purposes of our data collection are not necessary to provide the services that you are requesting or hiring us for, they allow us to improve the quality of our services. In the event that you do not want your personal information to be used for these purposes, please inform us immediately by sending an email to:

In the event that you do not want your personal data to be used for these purposes, please specify your wishes below:

I do not consent for my personal data to be used for the following purpose(s):


□ The creation of surveys that evaluate the services rendered.

□ To offer new products, services, or special deals.

Withholding consent for the use of personal information for the above purposes will not result in a denial of the services you request from HABLA. In the event that you do not expressly object to the terms of this policy, your consent to the use of personal information for the above purposes is implied.

What personal information do we use for the above purposes?

In order to provide your requested services, we require the following information:

  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Country of Origin
  • Language level
  • Occupation
  • Email
  • Emergency contact
  • Your preferred program dates.
  • Comments
  • How you heard about us.
  • Allergies (to food or medication)
  • Homestay preferences
  • RFC
  • CURP

This information should coincide with the information on the identification documents provided.

Who do we share your personal information with?

We will occasionally share your personal information in order to fulfill legal requirements or to respond to an order from the relevant authorities for notification, surveillance, and auditing procedures, specifically from the Tax Administration Services as well as local or federal judicial and administrative authorities within the framework of Mexican legislation. HABLA may share your personal information with its subsidiaries.

In the event that HABLA must share your personal information with a third-party (domestic or foreign) other than those previously mentioned in order to provide our services, you will be notified prior to the release of your personal information. This notification will be a request for your authorization to share your personal information, with information about the third-party recipients and the purpose of the disclosure, in accordance with articles 36, 37, and regulation 68 of the Federal Law of Protection of Personal Data in Possession of Private Entities.

In any event, we will share this privacy policy with the third-party recipients of your personal information so that they will respect the terms of the policy.

How can you exercise your ARCO rights or revoke consent?

You can access, rectify, cancel, or oppose the use of your personal information in our records and archives, or revoke your consent for our use of the information by submitting a written request to our office, addressed to Ana María Flota Aguiar,

employee in charge of personal data protection, or via email to: Email submission requires telephone confirmation at (999) 9-48-18-72 to guarantee that your request was received.

Your request must contain, at minimum, the following information: (i) your name or the name of your legal representative, home address or some other way to communicate our response; (ii) documents to verify your identity or the identity or your legal representative; (iii) a clear and accurate description of the personal information in question, and (iv) any other information or documentation that facilitates the localization of your personal information.  You must also verify your identify with a current, official identification. In the case of a legal representative, you must include a power-of-attorney signed before two witnesses, or an in-person statement from the owner of the personal data.

We will notify you within 20 business days from the day we receive your request. If you made your request in person, the response will be available at our office. If you submitted your ARCO rights request via email, we will send an email response. In either case, you will be required to provide us with proof of identify. If you request access to your personal information, we will provide it to you in the form of paper copies or as an electronic file.  If you request rectification of your personal information, you must attach any supporting documentation to your request.

Other means of limiting the use and disclosure of your personal information

If you no longer want to receive advertisements or information about our services, you can do one of the following:

  • Make an in-person request at our office to the employee or department in charge of data protection.
  • Send an email to the following address:
  • Call us at (999) 9-48-18-72

How will we notify you of changes to this privacy policy?

In the event that changes or updates are made to the privacy policy, we will inform you of said changes in one of the following ways:

  • Personal e-mail notification.
  • In the first communication we have with you after the changes are made.
  • Website:


How can you contact us?

If you have questions or comments about this privacy policy, you can contact us via:


  • Email, with confirmation calls to the phone numbers we've provided.
  • Mail: Ana María Flota Aguiar,  Calle 26 #99 B x 19 y 21 Colonia Mexico CP 97125
  • Phone: (999) 9-48-18-72

If you believe that your data protection rights have been violated by the behavior, actions, or responses of any of our employees, you may contact the Federal Institute of Access to Information and Data Protection (IFAI). For more information, visit